Hello, I'm Tina!

TWO things to know about me: almost everyone gets a nickname within a few minutes of meeting me...AND, my love of hamsters, mice, and squirrels is the stuff of legends.

     If the name sounds familiar, you are right!  I used to be one half of Ortiz-Sellers Photography.  But after a few artistic differences, I created a studio JUST for PHOTO Lovers!

    Watching my friends and new clients get excited about film, prints, and albums showed me that I was going in the right direction.    

     Which brings me to YOU:  Have you noticed that when you go to show your camera phone photos to your family, they sigh and try to change the subject (because they, too, have 1000+ photos on their phones.  But everyone stops to "ooo and ah" and tries to get a better look when you pass around your [wedding or portrait] album.  Your grandparents and parents really enjoy prints.  This is one of the most satisfying gifts to give them.

     I want to bring all of my experience and LOVE of photography to your family.  I will show how unforgettable your images will be once printed out. Rub your hands all over your album cover, touching the photo on the front - because you know that one is your absolute favorite.

     It will always be me photographing you and your event - I don't farm you out to associates.  (And I have my usual cast of professional 2nd shooters as well!)  It is me, too, who will design all of your books and albums. 


     I will always go out of my way to give you the best Michelin star rated service...or is that a Michelin star rated sandwich...I can never be sure! Ha ha ha. 


     I want to be there from the time we sit down for coffee - to the end when I see the looks on your faces as I place your album into your hands. You want someone who loves photography as much as you do.  You have found me - and that is your second best choice you have made so far! wink wink.


Reach out with a question, suggestion, or request for more information.

Tel: 1-813-784-6964

Email: someoneHasAshoot@gmail.com


Palm Harbor, Florida, USA

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